40 days old baby hit and run in Chobar, Rescued, Safe with Sneha’s Care


My name is ……. Not named yet. I was hit by a vehicle this morning at Chobar. I am wondering why was i hit and how i met an accident. Is it because i was born in a street, Is it because i am just 40 days old or is it if someone didn’t care about me at all? I am not worried of how and why it happened to me but i am worried, if many of my friends encountered the same thing and remained unseen. Luckily i was seen by two gentleman and was brought to Sneha’s Care. What about other puppies/dogs in the street where these gentleman has not been to?

sI am questioning a lot since this morning i was hit and i will keep on questioning the same thing again and again. Don’t we have rights to live with freedom in the street or is there no human who can give us home. It is not our mistake that we are born in the street but i assume it is responsibility of humans as well to let us live and give us a pleasant home when seen in the street and when seen that our life is on threat.

snehacareWe can be brought at home for free of cost and we are in desperate need of home, why people buy one? I am now under treatment at Sneha’s care & i would ask without any hesitation, if there is someone to adopt me once i recover.
If you believe animal deserve better life, will you please help us continue rescuing animals? A small donation from you will mean thousands of other being taken to safety and given vital medical treatment.
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