A dog with a badly broken leg almost led me to tears and I realized seeing him in such a painful state definitely broke my heart within.

I always pray to have that one day which brings the happy story about dogs. Sadly! My prayers remain unanswered and instead I always end up dealing with a day with a horrific case of animal abuse.

We were informed about this poor dog which had suffered multiple fractures of its hind legs. And when we asked about this dog, the local people said it hunted the rabbit for which it was punished. Few good people saw the dog limping, trying hard to run away from this ruthless person. It didn’t choose to give up for it expected to survive. They saved it and informed us. Now that we rescued it and brought to shelter for its treatment, we consulted the vet doctors. It has to undergo a major surgery for both the legs as they are severely fractured and it’s very expensive. With your support, somehow Sneha Care will manage the expense but we can only share the expense for it not the pain it is going through. The pain is all its own and it is so heart wrecking to see it suffer so badly!


With this psainful story put forward in this wall I would personally request not to harm these animals just because they hunted your pets, be it the other animal or birds! We must not forget that these animals have natural instinct to hunt other animal for their survival. I believe this dog took the action against the rabbit because of its natural instinct. We human must respect the chain of nature and also the animals in it if we really claim to be the most intellectual being on the earth. For the dog following its natural instinct, I do not find this sort of extreme abuse to be justified. Isn’t it like killing a tiger for hunting a deer? If it does, shall we break the legs of tiger, yes! We human would have if tiger wasn’t a danger to us. Just because we can overpower the dog, we chose to put it in so much pain.

snehacarePlease, for now and forever, I request not to be so extremist over these voiceless animals. They deserve your love and care. Starting from you the world will change, help us change this cruelty towards dogs, stand with us and SAY NO TO ANIMAL ABUSE !!!

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