A Voiceless, A Sightless is Free at Last, Free at Last, Rest in Peace my Boy

Being born as the voiceless animal has been the most unfortunate thing that has ever happened to me. No matter how much pain we animals go through, it’s very tough for us to express our pain. Even if we manage to express somehow, there are very fewer people who care to lessen it. I already was voiceless, and blindness only added more of sufferings.

I ended up being mistreated many of the times and I was helpless. When people attempted to harm me, I even could not manage to escape because nothing was visible to me. Minor injuries used to make indifference to me because I became used to living with it since I got them every now and then.

But I never thought being voiceless and handicapped by vision would cost me my life one day. I was hit by the school bus in Green line near Samakhushi a month back. I wondered, I am the one who is blind, why the driver who has a perfect vision cared less about my presence on his way. Are they so blinded by their heart that they cannot see or feel for another living being who is suffering so much right in front of them?

I was so helpless fighting my death on the other side of the road with my jaw fractured and bleeding. There were so many people passing by. Some even starred at me but all they could do is to feel disgusted to see me. I was crying out of pain but none could see or hear my pain. I could only think to myself;” are these people so handicapped by vision, hearing, and heart that they cannot see, hear or feel? I prayed for helping hand to approach me.”

My prayers got answered. There arrived a Sneha’s Care team who rescued me from there and took me to Animal Care Center. I had to undergo a major surgery for my fractured jaw. With God grace and Sneha’s Care immense care and love, I had a successful surgery. I was unable to eat and swallow because of the wound. I get so hungry but the pain is so severe that I don’t even manage to open my mouth. I was given intravenous saline for many days. While I was hoping to live, I lost my battle against death. I failed to recover and now I am dying.

As I am dying, there are thoughts running in my mind,” I pray no dog be blind and no human be blinded by heart because if they are handicapped by the heart even the perfect vision won’t make them see the suffering and pain of the other living being. I hope there are much more that carry a good heart that feels our pain even if we are voiceless. Just pray that no dog has to go through a pain like mine and no dog has to die like me! Last but not the least, Pray for me that I rest in Peace”

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