Abandoned Eeve with amazing Transformation, Can you Believe this??? Help Her Get Better

Can you believe these pictures are of the same dog? Evee was abandoned when she started losing all her fur and her skin started to thicken. Living in the warmth of a home under blankets, she was now struggling to find a safe place to stay. She had to sleep under a plank of wood in the hard, cold and dirty floor. She has struggled a lot in her lifetime.

But not anymore! We are making sure that she gets the life she deserves. Look at her now. She spends her day running around the shelter, playing with dogs triple her size and lounging around in the days when there is the warmth of the sun. She has shown signs of such quick recovery, that even we are amazed.

Eeve is a light of hope in our lives. DONATE TODAY at http://www.snehacare.org/donate , if you would like to sponsor her treatments or if you would like to lend your helping hands to help more dogs and animals like Evee.

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