Abandoned Visually Impaired Family Dog Rescued from Streets

Don’t you think its barbarous to abandon a dog whom you rare as a family member until and unless he is healthy? How difficult will it be if our world around is all black! This ill fated furry is visually impaired and on top of that she has skin disease.

It had been four long days that this hapless furry was drenching on the road.
Mrs. Pemba could not see the dog suffering. Instead she brought him straight to our shelter with the help of Mr. Ang Tshering all the way from Thamel, Kathmandu. She is now in safe hand in our shelter.

It’s our humble request. Please don’t shop or adopt a dog if you are to abandon him when he is sick and old. You cannot do everything but you can do something. So, donate today via
Esewa – info@snehascare.com
Paypal – donatesnehazcare@gmail.com
Bank account – www.snehacare.org/donate

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