Abandoned Yamu Rescued & Treated

What would you feel if one day you are abandoned by you family just because you are sick? Did this question pierce you right in your heart?

Abandoning a family member is the new trend. We have come across many abandoned cases likewise, Yamu (a name given at the shelter) was found outside our shelter tied up in a rope that is usually used to tie cow’s. She was noticed but we assumed that she could be locals dog but later neighbor’s complaint that someone tied her¬†in the nearby pole and left without a word.

When we brought her in she was panting with thirst. Our doctor examined her immediately and found out her stomach was swollen. Yamu is suffering from Ascites which means the abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. She is under treatment and all our fingers are crossed.
Please help us with her treatment. Donate today www.snehacare.org/donate.

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