Another Baby Rescued From balkumari, lalitpur, Treatment @ Snehas Care Facility

This is Kumar. He was rescued from Balkumari, Lalitpur on Sunday. He is sick and seems to be very weak. He is now in treatment in our shelter, we are giving him food regularly and we hope he will get his energy back soon. Dogs living in the street have to fight for their lives to survive every day. They do not know when they are going to get a warm meal.

They search trash cans and garbage piles for a small hope that maybe they’ll find a piece of bread. People hit them; throw hot water and acid at them and even have hit them with sharp objects when they beg for food. Just think why? 

People always tell us they want to aid us in helping these animals. You do not have to do anything big. You can always start out small. Help the dogs in your neighborhood. Give them food and water. They do not demand anything fancy; they are not choosy about which plate you give food in.
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