Anti Rabies and Distemper Vaccination Program By Snehas Care

We have started our ‘Anti Rabies and Distemper Vaccination Program’ in Ward number 12, of Godawari Municipality, Lalitpur, with the support of Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen. Why Rabies and Distemper in particular?

Rabies and Distemper are both deadly contagious diseases. While Distemper only affects dogs, Rabies can spread to humans as well. These diseases have no cure. However, we believe we can at least fight against it, before it develops and spreads. Vaccination should be the number one priority! It is extremely important to make sure the dogs living with us in our neighborhood are healthy and to make the environment we are living in safe for everyone.

We receive many cases of Rabies & Distemper, many dogs die a very painful death because of this and there is no treatment for it. We hope to cover more grounds in the near future and get as many dogs vaccinated as we can. Please help us in our fight against these diseases, DONATE TODAY:

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