Bad Human, Very Very Bad Human

We humans have this habit of calling our life bad when it’s only a day that went wrong. Ever considered what about those animals who are not even counted at a living being? Used stones to hit, legs to kick and water to shoo him is what every street animals face. That is called a bad life humans!

Likewise, this poor buddy was who seeking for shade in a sunny day, was run over by a very huge bus. What kind of rush was it that the driver did not see him and hit him mercilessly? There will always be an unanswered question, what kind of rush is it that is more important than that of a life?

Thank you Sneha for informing and Krishna for bringing him to us. This message is to all those who drives a vehicle, please check under your vehicle there may be someone seeking for shade. We will give him all the love and care he deserves.
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