Bitumen : Not Again Please :(

How do you feel when someone pour Bitumen (Alakatra) on your body? Oh, how CRUEL can someone be to do this to innocent & voiceless? Why don’t you try these things on your enemy? Oh, how can you, you must be impotent to do that. I got awake this morning with the call of rescue.

He had plastic bag as well inside his mouth. Someone did this to torture this little dog. What do you think his mistake was? His mistake is to born in between humans which is full of cruelty.
Please STOP doing such kind of cruelty on animals. His treatment is on going and very critical. Doesn’t have much hope but still praying for his life. May god bless him.

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2 thoughts on “Bitumen : Not Again Please :(”

  1. Karma Gurung says:

    get well soon

    1. Snehacare says:

      Thank you Karma Ji, But he is no more in this Cruel World. Please find this Link for the Update :

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