Brave Dog, Fights and Survives the Hit and Run, Rescued

If there was nothing called hunger and tragedy of being a street dog, this tragic incident wouldn’t have happened to me. I was searching for food on the street of Chauni when I was suddenly hit by a vehicle in the middle of the night. The culprit didn’t bother to know my condition and drove away like a coward. I kept crying seeking help.

After hours of yelling, Mr. Naawin and M/s Aneesha noticed me and called for help. People were planning on giving me poison as my cry of agony was disturbing them. Fortunately, Sneha’s Care came in and rescued me. I cannot move properly because of the accident I went through. My body is in a paralyzed state.

It’s my desire to walk and play again. Will you be the sponsor of my treatment? Please donate at

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