Control Your Speed Limit People, you are Killing Us !!!

Hit & run case is increasing same as the inflation rate in our country. Some people are not conscious of the speed limit of their vehicle. They hit the innocent life and leave them to die on the street. They don’t even try to correct their mistake.

Even this blameless puppy was run over by a cruel driver. We got a rescue message from Tinkune by M/s Menuka and our team went there to her rescue. Poor baby! one of her hind limbs is fractured causing it difficult for her to move. Our doctor has already started her treatment and we hope her to heal soon and get back to normal.

Many street dogs are suffering daily. We alone cannot make a difference in their life. If we all come together then we surely can make an impact. Help us help more furry friends. Donate today at to help in the surgery of this puppy.

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