Dodo Recovery, Before and After after 47 Days

Our hearts sinks in sorrow everytime we see one of our friends suffering in excruciating pain and life so miserable enough to make hell on earth. Our challenges seems to get tougher with every passing day and hand in hand, leaving no stone unturned, have we been striving to see that none of our friends suffer and at least live a peaceful life.

But life is unpredictable and sometimes unfair this guy Dodo (name given at shelter) was rescued 47 days ago found in the worst condition one can imagine by Mr. Prakash. His pain was not ignored by Mr. Prakash like many other people walking the same path everyday. Our team was in surprise when they reached the spot as the amount of pain he was going through was unbearable and it was only his will to survive that kept him going. 

And today after 47 days of our vet team’s effort his has recovered drastically.

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