Dog Beaten up Badly and was inside the Sack, Rescued by Snehas Care

What is it that is keeping our mouth shut even after witnessing such a cruel act? It seems like we are voiceless. We receive many cases every day some cases are of diseased dogs and most of them are suffering caused by us humans to those innocent voiceless animals.

Notification buzzed at once, we received messages from more than two people at once about the same dog. Then we coordinated with Amogh when we came to know that a dog has been put inside a sack beaten up very badly. He sent us videos of the dog which were heartbreaking and without wasting another second he was rescued by our team. He is with us and we have no proper words to describe his condition. All we can say right now is that we have no more hope for humanity. There are humans only, but no humanity. Also, this question to that insane human being what kind of insanity is it that you gain satisfaction by giving pain to these voiceless animals?

Help us help suffering animals because of us humans. You can also sponsor his treatment. Donate today

Update : See How Khaire is NOW ==> CLICK THIS LINK 

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