Dog Found in Bishnumati River, Rescued

This is a prime example of how cruel a human can be. We do not know how to explain or justify this act of random violence on a poor soul. A dog was thrown in the dirty Bishnumati River this afternoon. It was drowning. He could not come out of the water as mud, filth and plants dragged him down. Upon closer inspection, it was found that the dog had a large tumor the size of a fist on his abdomen. A dog, who is extremely sick and cannot even hold up his own weight was thrown into the river. IMAGINE the scene!

We do not even want to know why. Why would a sane human do such a thing? Our hope and belief that there is still humanity has long been tarnished. Fortunately, this dog is not suffering from hypothermia. Thank you to Samman who helped us! He is now in our shelter. We will have to immediately operate on him to remove the massive tumor once he is healthy enough. Please help us in giving him the best treatment possible.

DONATE TODAY to save this little furry: He needs you today.

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