Dog Song ( Sano Chada ) – When you Abandoned Me !!!!


Many dogs are abandoned in the street of Kathmandu every year. Abandoned dogs cannot survive well in the street and suffers a lot. They don’t even know how to search for food. In the video, the abandoned dog is recalling his life from puppy till old and abandoned.

Almost 90% of the people buy breed dogs & never think of the dogs that are starving in the street and looking for a nice home. And when the breed dogs get ill & old, they are simply abandoned in the street. In the year 2016 itself, we rescued many breed dogs who were abandoned by their owner. Hope people will start Adopting & Stop Buying.

About the Song:-
Ms. Minu Waiba who has been actively involved with “Sadak Sangeet” is a regular volunteer with Sneha’s Care. She is a Singer, Lyricist & Musician by profession. She developed this song seeing “Sneha as a Mom” for all the rescued dogs at her care.

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