Dog Street Fight Left with Wounds Treated

Some dogs of the locality where I reside came in and fought with me. I tried to defend them but I was left being badly wounded. They were strong and I being unable to defy them was exceedingly injured. The pain is intense and convulsive. Being a stray, I have no one to care for. But to my luck, Miss Manjil and her friend Mr. Krishna saw me in wretched condition at Goldhunga, Kathmandu.

To my surprise, two people came in from Sneha’s Care as their t-shirt said and treated¬†me. I forgive them for the agony I experienced during the treatment after all they did it for my own good.

Life gives you only one chance to be a human. So, show your generosity and prove yourself erudite person. Help me and other strays in our treatment through
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