Dog with Infected Eye Socket Rescued and Treated

This poor pup was rescued today early in the morning. With a bloody left eye and in agonizing pain, he was wandering the streets of Nil Barahi aimlessly. Upon inspection, we found out that it did not have a left eye and the eye socket was extremely infected. Thank you to the quick responders who messaged us about this. He is now getting the required treatment. We receive daily messages about street dogs suffering from these kinds of issues.

Though we want to help, we cannot reach every dog with our limited resources. If you see a dog in your area suffering from this disease, please contact your local vets.

A little amount of money is no comparison for a healthy life that that dog you help will live. Help save a life. Help us in our mission to make lives of these dogs a little better.

To help us help save more lives, please donate us:

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