Dogs with Calcium Deficiency and Deformed Leg Rescued from Dallu

The life of a dog in the streets. You have to search for food to survive, you have to protect yourself from other territorial dogs, you have to find a shelter and sleep on the cold concrete no matter the weather. You face an alarming amount of abuse from humans which you do not even understand why. You are at risk of contracting life-threatening diseases. Here is the story of one of the many dogs from the streets.

This dog was rescued from Dallu last week. Due to severe calcium deficiency, both of its front legs are twisted in the opposite direction. It has difficulty in walking. Loss of calcium causes weakness, loss of appetite as well as deformed bones. It suffered like this for a long time before getting a proper treatment. While its deformed bones cannot be mended, but we hope it will get healthier as the time passes. 

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