Drive slow and save a life.

On one hand, you expect the world to love and give attention to you and on the other hand, you go and hit the voiceless out of your negligence, even you don’t feel the need of turning to him and taking to hospital. Put yourself in their shoe and then you will feel how it feels getting hit by a vehicle and being left alone with pain without treatment. So, what are you waiting for? Drive slow and save a life.

An animal loving Swiss tourist informed us about the puppy which have been hit by a vehicle. Her front left leg is fractured and this appears to be a week old fracture.

No one can trust a person who is cruel to animals. So, think twice before hurting an animal. Instead make a better environment for dogs so that they can live a better life.

We have been reported so many Hit & Run case every day and we are medically taking care of them but is this the solution? There MUST be a strict rules for HIT & RUN.

Treatment for such kind of cases are not less than Rs. 25,000/Case (USD 250). Help us help the needy animals:

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