Drive Slow If someone Can Live Long

Early morning, No Brush No Shower. Got a call from lady named Rupa Maharjan who witnessed hit & run by a vehicle and started crying with the dog.
sneha care

She called several organisations but received helpless answer. She asked help with many people to carry him at least in a cab but none were willing to do it.

sneha care

There then came a Japanese Spitz who started dragging the dog to the side of the road from the middle of the road. Rupa tried as well. How can human not help the injured dog and how good it is that another dog was trying to help this injured dog.


Finally she found my phone number somewhere in the internet and gave me a call. I was still at the bed, rushed to the location and rescued the dog to the vet clinic. The dog doesn’t have severe injuries but he has lot of pain & was crawling. Taking him for X-Ray and further treatment will start tomorrow onwards.

shena care

Please drive carefully and think that animals are part of this Earth. Drive Slow if someone can LIVE Long.

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