Goat Rescued From Butcher Shop

This is what was encountered by our founder Sneha Shrestha this afternoon. (From our Founder’s Facebook)
A sharp weapon, boiling water, a goat tied in the post in a butcher shop and a man waiting to slaughter this goat in another two minutes. Can you imagine what might have the goat been thinking in his last moment? Only one can imagine who love animals and has heart for them.

How could i see the goat waiting for his death? He has a feelings too and he is not born in this earth to be slaughtered and he is not our food. He might be missing his mom, his siblings, his home when he get separated. I then bought the goat from the butcher shop and brought it to the shelter.
The goat is sick and is under treatment at our shelter at the moment. Hope for his speedy recovery. Any suggestions for his name?
Saving one goat will not change the world, but for that one goat the world will be forever changed.

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