God Helps Those Who Helps Themselves.

There is a famous saying, ” God helps those who help themselves.” True indeed! He lost one of his legs when he was a puppy. But he never felt weak nor he blamed anyone for him being a misfortunate street dog. But the whole sky is not stopping to fall on him. He was reported by Mr. Avash Pandey from ICIMOD, Dhapakhel. Our team went there and it was easy for us to spot him as he always stays around the premises of ICIMOD.

We are very tired of the ruthless acts of some people who feel pleasure in hurting animals. An ill-minded person hit him with either stone or rod in the center part of his head. Still, due to his good nature, he doesn’t complain. He was treated by us and after the treatment, he happily walked away. Our team will again visit him tomorrow as we have to ensure if there is any effect of being hit on the head.

Be a responsible citizen and stop hurting animals. Donate today at www.snehacare.org/donate.

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