Good news for animal lovers and poor animals.

Animal Transportation Standards by Nepal Government came into implementation after 11 years:
Buffalo’s Tail & Nose cannot be tied anymore while transporting them.
After several meetings with stakeholders in regards to the documentary of “Live Animal Transportation” made by Sneha’s Care, the result has been positive today. We would like to thank our Founder Ms. Sneha Shrestha for travelling along with these poor buffaloes and capturing the cruelty and pain the animals are facing while live transportation and showing this video to the world and running a campaign to end this cruelty. Because of this video and the comments on this issues to the government, they are aware today. It was a dream project of Ms. Shrestha to stop the cruelty of buffaloes while transporting them to Kathmandu from different area of Terai region.

Another meeting was held this afternoon where all the stakeholders were present. Director General of Livestock department, Dr. Bimal Kumar Nirmal has warned the suppliers not to transport the buffaloes and goats illegally and without following the “Animal Transportation Standards”. If any animals found transporting illegally or overloaded, tying tail & nose will be severely punished. “Animal transportation Standards, 2007” was limited just in paper and was not implemented till date. Till 11 years today, this was not brought into attention. Again we would like to thank Ms. Sneha Shrestha for fighting for this cruelty and changing the world.
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