Good People with Good Heart : Thank You Aanchal and the Family

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Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary – Why invite people & throw Party in your wedding Anniversary instead of donating fund for street dogs who will be getting Food, Treatment, Love & Care with that expenses? This has been an example by a perfect couple who loves street dogs a lot and they are together since 25 years. Parents of Ms. Aanchal Thapa has donated NRS. 25,000 on their 25th wedding anniversary for the welfare of street dogs of Kathmandu.

I am very happy that the couple has initiated this and hope everyone will think and do the same on their Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding & on their special day.

Donate to the needy animals instead of inviting people and throwing a party. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Uncle & Aunt:) Wish you a very happy life ahead and all the dogs in the shelter wish you the same.

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