I am Alive. I am “Bravo”

Hey, finally I got a name. I am proud to announce my name “BRAVO”. Sneha managed to get a Tracheostomy pipe for me. My surgery went for 3 hours 45 minutes. Reconstruction of my pipes was out of hand of Dr. Sushil as it was so much disaster on my neck. Doctor decided to euthanize me and had a break of 5 minutes.

Dr. Sushil then changed his mind and tried out different way to reconstruct the pipes. Yes I am alive now and I want to live more. Even though first surgery went very well, still my recovery is uncertain and i hope that i will recover soon. But i am positive with my recovery as i have a best vet of world Dr. Sushil (Animal Medical Centre) who is going through my treatment and I have Sneha mom who is taking a good care of me.

I need intensive care and Sneha is hiring someone just to take care of me for a month as I might be having discharge from the wound and need to get it wipe most of the time. Anyone willing to sponsor for my entire living can contact Sneha Mom.

Click Here To See How Sneha Mom Found Me

If you think you could help Sneha Mom For the expenses Please CLICK HERE to Donate and Help me LIVE longer.

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