Hal is Finally Fit and Getting Healthy, Wanna Sponsor Him?

Hal was rescued from Jorpati, Kathmandu a month ago. He was in such a bad condition that we feared that he might not survive. Most of his body was covered in dead skin, due to an extreme stage of mange. He was hiding under bushes and dirt when we went to rescue him. He must have been suffering from this skin disease for a long time. Thanks to Norbu, who messaged us about Hal, we were able to help ease his ache and irritation in his skin. Norbu stayed with Hal the whole day until we were finally able to arrive.

Now, after a month in the shelter, he has improved a whole lot! His skin has healed and the dead skins are slowly fading away revealing his true beauty. He is now happy and does not have to deal with constant itchiness and irritation.

Want to sponsor him? Please DONATE TODAY at http://www.snehacare.org/donate

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