Happy is Happy now : Help Him Get a New Wheel Chair

My name is HAPPY. I am a happy dog today onwards, so i was named. I was rescued from Srijana Nagar, Bhaktapur this afternoon.

I was hit by a vehicle 6 months back and was dragging in the street of Bhaktapur. Sneha’s Care team rescued me and took me to the shelter for care. I will live my life happily with more friends at Shelter. We are now 6 paralysed dog in the shelter.

Its very hard to take care with the case like us but Sneha is doing her best to give us a happy life. Only two wheelchairs for Six dogs, if you can please donate Wheelchair for all of us and may be more need in the future. Thank you Ms. Priya Upreti Poudel for letting Sneha’s Care about my injury.

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