Hi I am Jenny and This is my story

Hello everyone, My name is Jenny. I am a very playful dog who lives in the street just across Sneha Mom’s house. I always see from the street towards Sneha Mom’s house wondering if she takes me home. But she never took me home as she already has eight dogs in her house with whom I communicate everyday. I guess she didn’t take me home and the reason is she is scared that I might have fight with her eight dogs if I am in.

stray dogs

Sneha Mom always feed me delicious food twice a day when she goes out from home to the office and when she is back home, doesn’t matter even if it is 12 in the midnight. She always feed me & give me signal by honking her car’s horn. On August 25th, i was hanging around and one of the human hit me with a knife for no reason. It was very painful and bleeding very bad. Almost all my blood were out of the body. I didn’t want to let Sneha about my accident because she might get worried seeing me, so I thought of going to a bush where none can see me dying. Sneha mom honked the car’s horn to give me a signal that she is calling me for food.


I heard the horn but couldn’t stand on my feet to go for food. She started looking at me and thought that I had been taken away from the Shelter for Spaying. I was still lying on the bushes with lot of maggots on my wound, where none can see me but on 29th August, Sneha saw me from her window walking towards the bush and was happy to see me. But I vanished again inside the bush. She took me out from the bush whereas it was very hard to get in. She cried a lot seeing me with cuts and skin off from my jaw till the chest.


She immediately took me to the vet clinic and started my treatment. I had infection all over my body because of the maggots wound, critically dehydrated, Blood level was 7 in my body whereas the blood level should be atleast 35. No chances to survive at all. After two days of continue medicines, saline, antibiotics & doxycycline, it was still hard to survive because I needed blood in my body. Remember Sneha Mom’s eight dogs – One of the dog named Angel donated me her blood & I am very healthy now. Angel and Sneha Mom stayed at the vet clinic till 4:00 Am in the morning to transfuse the blood on 1st of September although it was her birthday.


I thank Dr. Sushil & Dr. Awadhesh as they were all night for blood transfusion and taking care of me very closely. It was a challenge for them to save my life.


Now my blood level is 36:)  Sneha mom has not left me on the street and I am with her till date because I need everyday dressing for my wound.


I don’t want to be back on street and I will be happy whoever will give me a home 🙂  Please contact my mom if anyone is willing to keep me.



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