Hit and Run again, Wish we had animal Court to File the Case


He was hit by a vehicle and turned to be a paralyzed dog. There has been a hit & run case every day in the Kathmandu city. We are talking here about the hit & run case of animals and it looks funny. If it was a case with humans, it would have become a police case and thousands of people would gather to see the accident.

But why not for the animals who has equally rights to live on this earth? Why there is no any Law for the animals? This has been our questions every day.

street dogsHe will now need to spend rest of his life in a wheelchair. If you believe animal deserves a better life, will you please help us help more needy animals? Please donate.

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Paypal- donatesnehazcare@gmail.com
US-based Tax Deductible Donation- www.gofundme.com/snehazcarenepal

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