Hit and Run, Snehas Care Treatment !!!

Yes, I was there on the wrong street at the wrong time. But does that mean that you are welcome to drive over me, hit me and run away? Don’t you think that I was punished for no crime? Now I am in dreadful condition. I can’t move properly nor am I healthy. My tail has maggot in big number which are slowly eating me up.

I was fighting for my life when a beautiful soul Miss Anita saw me. Fortunately, some people came in as per the information flowed to them by her. They were from Sneha’s Care. They came in, observed me well and did my treatment. Hopefully I am waiting to live a normal life again.

HRoad is not a play ground. Make sure you drive slow and not hamper another beautiful life. Life may give you another chance but please don’t ruin the right of a dog with recklessness of yours. Save a life. Donate today at www.snehacare.org/report-a-rescue

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