Hit and Run Under the Bridge, I Fight For Life, I shall Live


I have no name yet, and hopefully, I will get a new name soon. I was hit by a vehicle, and the driver who hit me was so kind that he couldn’t see my pain and threw me from the bridge into the river. I was found by Sneha’s Care under the bridge at Kalimati.

snehacare One of a kind hearted person named Vikash Dharewa informed Sneha’s Care about the incident. I was then brought to the shelter for medication and care. After the diagnosis, my both hind leg was found broken & spinal injury, I have very fewer chances to recover.

snehacare I am now fighting for my life and thinking of that driver who led me to this situation. Is this what animals deserve in this earth?
If you believe animal deserves a better life & if you want to help with the medication and care, please donate.

Esewa- www.snehacare.com/donate
Paypal- donatesnehazcare@gmail.com
US-based Tax Deductible Donation- www.gofundme.com/snehazcarenepal

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