Home at Last, Home at Last, Back Home after 13 years

13 years in street is not a joke. Sheep spent all these years being a stray at Durbarmarg, Kathmandu. She was always in need of a family but people either ignored her or just looked at her with eyes of pity upon her. But none bothered to give her a home. One of the good friends of our founder, Miss Keren saw Sheep in untidy condition.

So, she was brought to our shelter and given a bath and all her dreadlock were trimmed off. She is now adopted by one of our team members Sujata who is also an animal lover and couldn’t let go Sheep struggling in the street. This furry who is very friendly is looked after well by the family.

There is always a furry who needs you more than your fascination to shop a breed dog. So, focus on giving home to the homeless and not to the expensive breed. Don’t shop, Adopt.

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