How Breed Dog Turns Street Dog?

Humans are known as the most intelligent creature in the earth. And we intelligent creature are torturing other animals day by day. Where does street dogs come from? They come in the street from our home and MARKED as Street dog. We are responsible for the growing number of dogs in the street because we don’t take a pet as a family member and just abandon in the street when we don’t need them.

This boy was found very ill in the street of Bhaisepati and seen by an Animal Lover Mr. Diepak. He washed the dog and reported us about him. Our team then headed to the location and brought the dog to the shelter. But Shelter is not a right place for him. We are looking for an adoptive family for this dog. He is a pure breed Cocker Spaniel.

s6 Reasons to Adopt—Not Buy—Dogs
1. When you buy a dog from a pet store, you’re supporting cruel puppy mills. He can’t believe you would ever do that. Not you.

2. You can’t buy love—but you can adopt it from an animal shelter (and usually for a lot less money than buying a dog from a breeder or a pet store).

3. What’s up, doc, er, dog? Shelters and rescue groups often include vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying or neutering in the adoption fee.

4. At an animal shelter, you can find a dog to fit your unique personality (even if you’re a little nutty).

5. You will be rewarded with looks like this and other expressions of gratitude for as long as you both shall live.

6. Ahhhh, it feels great to know that you saved a life.

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