Humanity at the Dead End, Snehas Care Rescues again

The humanity is at a dead end. Why bother an innocent life who has the ability to forgive you for your every crime? The dog is not a thing. He has a heart that’s bigger than yours and he does feel the pain. This furry was purposely pierced with some sharp object on his thorax region. As a result, he was bleeding heavily from his wound. Being encountered by Mr. Ajanta Maharjan at Patan Sundhara, we, immediately sent our team for his rescue.

Poor boy! must have been in intense pain even though the wound is small. He was given necessary medicines by our vet. He will be fine and will easily forget the evil misbehave on him. But surely, there will be an imprint on him which will never leave the scar away from him.

We cannot force you to love animals but to the least don’t hurt them. Donate today to save more lives at

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