I am Dead, I am Alive.. This is What I am, Story of Dead and Alive Dog


We, humans, have so much of interest in keeping a dog as a pet but we are so much irresponsible pet owners. We have never understood their feelings, loyalty & love. We come across many rescues every day, but sometimes we have to see such things that we cannot imagine.

sneha careThe story of today’s rescue-

A man bought two breed dogs (Japanese Spitz) to his house. They grew older, and one of the dogs died. What a loss. Oh no, it was in fact not a loss for this owner. He threw the dead body near the Forest (Bankali) and dumped the other alive dog there as well without realizing that the alive dog might have been starving for food.

sneha careOne kind hearted person named Mr. Kushal Pokharel perceived this situation since last few days and informed us followed by Ms. Julia.

snehacareWe then rushed to the location and found out that the friend of the dead dog who was dumped as well was waiting near the dead dog. What a heartbreaking scene it was to see. The dead dog was respectfully buried, and her friend is now at Sneha’s Care.

Whom you think is responsible for these dogs? Irresponsible Pet Owner of course. This pet owner had proved that he never loved his dogs when they were alive and when one was dead.
Never pet a dog when you are not responsible towards them.
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