I am Lucky and I am Ready for Adoption


Lucky was found in the street of Bhaisepati in the middle of the night on end of April. He looked like a skeleton and also had a skin problem near his tail.

Luckily was showed up in front of the house of one genuine animal lover Mr. Diepak. He then took care of him since then. He did a DNA test in the UK and It proves that he is 100% pure-bred Labrador Retriever. You can see the progress photo and the breed test certificate below. He could be put on the street where he cannot survive.

Lucky is playful and LOVES to eat. However, it seems that he has been abused a lot in the past. He can be afraid if a human hand goes too fast towards him or if one tries to grab him suddenly. In this situation, he tends to snap/bite or tries to.

luckyHe can also be aggressive towards other male dogs. He’s fine with other dogs. He’s never had a fight with other female dogs, but he clashes sometimes with a male dog. So a new home for him would need to have some experience with dogs and understanding of what Lucky has been through and how he can react if we are not careful. Please contact us if you want to ADOPT him. Anyone interested in adopting him from Canada, UK or USA are welcome as well. We will definitely try to find a flight volunteer to take him. Don’t SHOP, ADOPT.

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