I am Ready to be Adopted.. Any Humans Ready To Adopt Me?

I was born in the streets of kathmandu city and basically named after some kind of breed ‘street dogs’ or ‘local breed dogs’ too. It had just been a month of my birth when my mother left me in search of some food so that she could feed me. Hours passed, days passed but she did not return to me but one day this beautiful soul lady named Sneha found me on her way to her work. It felt like as if my mother sent her instead of herself. She found me very lean and thin so took me along with her. She brought me to a place where there were more than 100 other dogs like me with different size and shapes.

It has been good days with this family for last 6months but now I want a human family to make me feel what a real family feels like who I can wag my tail for, lick their cheeks and say proudly that they are my everything.
Is there anyone who wishes to adopt me? I promise to be good and never tear your socks.

I did a little bit of photo shoot so that you know how adorable I am. See you soon my human family.


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