I am Snow White and This is my Story

I am Snow White, I was born in the streets of Satdobato, Kathmandu. Streets around there have been my home for a long time. Yes, Street is my home and the people who passes by me, the locals are my Owners.

They have been feeding me, loving me. They love me with treats and foods and biscuits. They say I am adorable but no one takes me home.

One fine sunny day a reckless driver didn’t see me sunbathing and he hit me, I screamed, my voices were unheard, I cried, I needed help, I tried to stand still, I figured, I no longer had my balance on, the pain was excruciating. My hind limbs didn’t seem to function,  I had to live, I dragged myself, I stayed strong.

It was almost a month I have been helping myself dragging in the streets of Satdobato. Two good people lifted me up and Dropped me to sneha’s Care, I thank those kind hearted people for bringing me home.

Here I have lots of friends similar to my conditions,  Today a Doctor examined me, He didnot seem happy, I knew something was wrong, I figured, I had the TUMOR in my TESTIS and I need to be treated ASAP.

Sneha Mom and my new friends are supporting me to their best, and I am under neurological drugs and Inflammatory Drugs. Sneha Mom touched my hand and said ” Stay Strong “Snow White “, You shall be all right ” . I feel loved and I want to Live More.

I am going under chemotherapy very soon, and I believe I Shall overcome this, I shall live again.

Pray For Me, and If possible do help me with my treatment expenses.

I am Snow White and This is my Story 

15179221_769888313160175_8357913038778743618_nIf you want to see me walking again with the help of Wheel Chair & if you are kind enough to cover my treatment, please donate via following links:-

Donate us via Esewa – http://www.snehacare.com/donate
Donate us via Paypal -donatesnehazcare@gmail.com
US based Tax Deductible Donation – www.gofundme.com/snehazcarenepal
A small donation from you will mean thousands of other being taken to safety and given vital medical treatment.

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