I am sorry for this poor cow who is completely innocent.

snehas care

How cruel can HUMAN be? Do not LOVE/Worship animals for a day if you harm them for rest of the days in a year. We give various name for their day, Kukur Tihar, Gai Tihar, Goru Tihar and so on.

animal health

WHY? On one hand people keep cows at home to sell milk and breed them to get more cows and if He-Cows are born they are thrown in the street and on the other hand Drivers doesn’t drive carefully and HIT animals on the street.

How can a driver doesn’t see this big cow at the road?

Anyway, animals are getting harmed because of us and our system. We are the one who brought these animals in the street, so every individual should be responsible. Either punish the people who leaves animals at the street if they don’t need one or fight with the system to control animals.

snehaz care

Rozina Tandukar tagged me on Facebook about this cow, he was hit by a vehicle a 20 days back. This cow is suffering since then. Who is responsible for his pain and his living?

sneha care

sneha care

There are few people who are feeding him everyday. I made a Hay Bed for this cow and going to Bhaktapur everyday for his treatment till he dies. None knows when he is going to die, but very soon as no treatment can save his life. Just healing his wound is not an option. I am sorry for this poor cow who is completely innocent.

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