I Saw It All in One Day : Life of Pup

street dogs

One had to leave the world and two of them got a new life. This is the life of street puppies and dogs. START birth controll to STOP seeing this. Community can act on birth controll by fundraising little amount and taking the female dog to vet or by informing organisations for spay/neuter.
Please read STORY of the puppies that i found today in the street today.

street dogs

This little pup was lying in a garbage since few days at Nayabazar. I got a call and rescued him and brought to Clinic for treatment. He had Distemper Positive and had to put him down. RIP.

civil mall street dogs

Two gentle man, one lady and a child were walking on the street towards Chobar. I was happy to see a small puppy running behind them. I assumed that the puppy is theirs but what i saw is, one of the man was kicking the puppy to other side of the road. Whats wrong with people? Didn’t asked why he hit the puppy and just carried the puppy and brought at the shelter. Anyone willing to adopt him, please let me know.


This little puppy was in the middle of the road just in front of Civil Mall. He was under the running car and this lucky pup survived his life. Stopped the car in middle of the road and carried him and straight away took him to the home, gave him a hot shower as he was dirty. Anyone interested to adopt him, please let me know.

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