Fingers Crossed : I wish to live

sneha care

Hello Humans, My name is (Hmmmm not yet named). But i will ask Sneha to definitely name me if i survive. I was born a year back. Someone tried to make fun out of me and tied a rubber band on my neck.

sneha care

I was happy that someone was trying to make me handsome but then day by day i started growing and the rubber band started stretching on my neck as my neck was getting bigger everyday. I asked many people to take the band out of my neck but none understood my language. I was in such pain everyday and slowly the band started cutting my neck. Since last week, my wind pipe and food pipe has been cut into two.


I breathe from the hole in neck & i can’t take food inside my intestine as the food pipe has been cut into two. I am going through surgery day after tomorrow to reconstruct those pipes but i am not yet sure if i will survive out of it.


Lesson – Do not play with street dogs and tie rubber band, belt or whatsoever and make their life a hell.
Let them enjoy their life in street, at least they will find their food and eat. Don’t LOVE Animals but don’t HARM them as well.


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