Infested Cow Rescued and Treated From Kirtipur

Despite of being the National Animal, the value of cows in our country is going down. People are doing factory farming and only thinking about profit. These animals are coming in the street daily in the form of irresponsible farming. Road accidents are increasing as a result and the grievances of animals suffering are increasing.

As an animal welfare organization, we must treat and help them and we are doing so. But we know that this is not a permanent solution.

This poor & innocent calf was lying on the road of Kirtipur due to the massive pain. The wound was infected and deep. We assume it is a dog bite or someone attacked him with sharp weapon. Our emergency treatment team reach immediately at the spot and treated the wound with needed medicine and antibiotics. We hope, he will be recover soon.

We would like to request the people who are doing such things to be aware of the legal action that can punish you.

Help us to help more animals in need.

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