It is People Like You, Who gives us Hope

Daily, we get numerous messages about hit & run cases. Only the day before, we rescued two dogs that were gravely injured. This small puppy was lying cold and unable to move in the busy street of Putalisadak since early in the morning. Someone had hit this poor soul with its vehicle and simply rode off without any second thoughts.

How can someone be so ignorant? How can someone harm someone else and purposefully drive away as if nothing has happened?
The only positive thing about this heartbreaking story is many passersby noticed the small puppy in pain and messaged us numerous times. They stayed with the puppy, fed it and waited in groups until our rescue team arrived at the scene.

We would like to thank everyone who messaged us and stayed with the puppy while we were in the process of rescuing another injured one in the other part of town. Even though it took us hours to reach there, you all stood patiently and updated us on the condition. It is people like you who we give us hope. The puppy is now at our shelter, receiving the best care we can give.

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