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My name is James – I was a very happy dog when I was child. Everyone at house used to love me, care me & feed me good. But these days, i don’t know why my owner tie me at the alley in Jamal. Some people used to untie me and i used to run towards my home but again my owner used to take me to the alley and tie me all day and night. This morning i was hit by a guy (I didn’t see him but it could be my owner) at my head and i don’t know why. I was bleeding like anything and none dared to take me to vet.


A guy named Juju took my picture and posted in FB and Sneha’s Care came to know about me. Sneha’s Care tried finding out what really happened and they found out, I was abandoned by my owner because I was so dirty and was biting people.

sneha care

Sneha, Did i bite you? No i never bite anyone and i was never dirty untill the date i was tied near the garbage. My owner made me dirty. I have some injury in my brain because someone hit me this morning and i am taking rest and under treatment at Sneha’s Care. I will be more than happy if someone will adopt me and give me love again which i am desperately looking for.


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