Jenish Rescued with Fractured Leg

Jenish was rescued with a fractured leg, adding another case of Hit & Run to the daily increasing list. Even an accidental bruise in our body hurts so much and lasts for so many days, imagine how much a bone that has snapped in two hurts. There is no such thing as a ‘Bed-Rest’ for dogs living in the streets. They need to scavenge for food. To survive in this world they need to keep moving forward. We feel glad to have been able to help this poor furry out.

He has been such an inspiration, fighting against his injury and healing so quickly! After the required treatment, he can now walk, even run without pausing. Jenish is one of the few that we have been able to help.

There are many dogs out there who are suffering every day. Jenish is fortunate to have gotten the immediate treatment. Many dogs are not that lucky. Please help us in treating them. DONATE TODAY:

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