Kale and His WheelChair

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This little boy was hit by a motorbike few months back and was under treatment by Mr. Atul . He was struggling for his treatment but nothing much happened. He cannot walk or stand in his both hind leg, he is paralyzed some problem with nerves on his back according to doctor. Mr. Atul informed me about this boy and was suggested by one of the doctor to put him down. I said a big NO and brought him home, washed him properly, trimmed his hair, made him a hero. And was planning to import a wheelchair for him but it will take a time to reach Nepal and approx USD 300 to buy.

I was in pain to see him dragging himself for food, to pee & potty. My husband locked himself in a room and made a wheelchair by himself to surprise me. He used few PVC pipes & Wheels from a baby cycle. He then showed me this little boy walking and peeing properly. My tears went through my cheeks because of happiness. Thank you my husband, you made it possible┬á­čÖé┬áNow this little boy (Kale) will live happily with me forever.

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