Kalu – On the way to Recovery

Helping dogs might not change the world but for the dog, its’ whole world changes!
We met Kalu at Buddhanagar after reported by Mr. Dipendra Gyawali. Good fellow Mr. Gyawali brought Kalu upto our shelter and handed over him to us for his recovery. He also promised to take him back after getting healthy.

So after he came to our shelter, he was thoroughly examined and on examination our doctor diagnosed that tge dog had very bad fight with other dogs since he was not neutered and may have had accident as well due to which he had bruises over his inguinal region as well as his testicle was protruded out and developed infection. Kalu was in so bad condition and afraid and aggressive. So our doctors immediately planned for surgical correction of this condition. He is now neutered as well as vaccinated against Rabies. He is eating with great enthusiasm. He is on the way to recovery. After 15 days his sutures will be removed and he will be ready to go back to his place.
For the updates on Kalu keep following our posts.

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