When the animals are not functioning properly, people usually pull their tail, hit them with stick, use knife on them, electric shot, chilli powder, tie their legs and abuse them with whatever humans can. These cruelties should not be repeated as per the new law today & the one who is involved in such cruelty will be punished.

Castration & any health related work can be performed only by the approved Veterinarian.

Do’s and Don’ts for animals:-
1. cannot take your animals for work when any sort of adverse weather occurs like, intense heat, intense sun, heavy rain, storms, hail & snow.
2. Cannot make them work for more than 8 hours a day.
3. Day off for one day in a week is must
4. Male & Female animals cannot stay at the same place.
5. Shed must be built well to prevent the animals from cold & heat.
6. For those animals who carries goods for long hours, must be fed every three hours.
7. The products carried by the animals should not be more than 40% of the total body weight of the animal carrying goods.
8. Old & pregnant animals should not be given too many things to carry on them.
9. Any animals that cannot carry the goods on them, should be immediately stopped and remove the load from them.
10. Ropes that is used to tie the animals should be properly made so that it won’t cause the wound on them.
11. When the animals turn old age, they must be under the owner’s care unless they die.

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