Law is Not Just Enough, Snehas Care takes the Stand on its Execution.

Just a law in the country to end the cruelty of animal is not enough, its effective implementation is necessary.

To improve and manage the live animal transportation, the government already has “Animal Transportation Standards” second amendment in 2007. But the documentary that was made by Sneha’s Care and presented in the meeting hall made everyone dumb and deaf. There were few stakeholders who cried as well.

With regard to effective implementation of Animal Transportation Standards, 2007 and Animal Welfare amplification, Sneha’s Care has interacted with concerned bodies this morning. Most of the stakeholders were present in the interaction program including the Director General of Livestock Department, Dr. Bimal Kumar Nirmal. All the stakeholders spoke on how to implement the “Animal Transportation Standards, 2007”. Speaking at the program, Director General of Livestock Department Dr. Bimal Kumar Nirmal said that the Animal Welfare Act is essential for addressing the Animal Welfare and the department is committed for that.

Founder of Sneha’s Care, Mrs. Sneha Shrestha, expressed her concern about the related bodies being silent even after the Animal Transportation Standards is introduced in the country in 2007.

It is possible to end the cruelty of the animals in the near future, if the actions are taken strictly by the concerned bodies and if the law comes into implementation. For the welfare of animals, Sneha’s Care is ready to work together with the stakeholders. Let’s work together for the better life of animals and let’s be a change maker.

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